The Aries avocats team provides both advice and litigation services for a range of clients including major construction groups, property companies, developers and private or professional investors, in property law and construction law. Its lawyers take an overarching approach but are nonetheless highly specialized in unusual areas, including but not limited to work-site accounts, financial claims and builders’ liability.

Construction Law

The Aries avocats team has developed advanced and recognized skills in construction law in both the public and private sectors.

Property Development, Property Sales

The expertise of the Aries avocats teams covers the broadest possible range of legal issues in property development and sales throughout your project, from the initial sketches through to the expiry of all guarantees.

Urban Planning

Aries avocats advises its clients on the application of general and special rules governing the development of public space.

Tenancy Law

Aries avocats advises its clients and protects their interests in relation to commercial leases and more generally, tenancy law and agreements to occupy public or private property.

Joint Ownership and Co-Owner's Associations

Aries avocats advises and protects the interests of the various actors involved in joint property management, providing both assistance and litigation services.