The Aries avocats team has developed advanced and recognized skills in construction law in both the public and private sectors.

It deals with all aspects (financial, contractual, defects, insurance, etc.) and is involved at all stages of the development: upstream, during construction and once the building is complete, in providing advice and litigation services.

Aries avocats offers you its expertise on all issues relating to:

  • Drafting/revising construction contracts
  • Contractual monitoring of construction projects
  • Subcontracting law (drafting contracts, direct action, direct payment and payment guarantees)
  • Public procurement law
  • Financial arrangements for construction projects (with one of the highest levels of expertise on the market in financial claims and payment process)
  • Preventive proceedings and neighbour disputes
  • Builders’ liability and construction insurance

Aries avocats provides construction litigation services in the ordinary, administrative and commercial courts, as well as working with dedicated mediation services (CCIRA or CAMP).